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Bridges Youth Program

Bridges is a two-week program designed for youth ages 12-18 who may be at risk of engaging in substance use. Through enjoyable experiential learning, the program promotes health and fosters positive connections. Bridges focuses on a variety of land and skill-based activities, including problem-solving, community connections, friendship-building, humor, and resilience. Additionally, the program offers recreation in the form of art, music, sports, outdoor activities, science, meditation, mindfulness, culture, and social interactions.

Program Details:

  • Schedule: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday from 10 AM to 4 PM in two-week cycles.
  • Start Date: The first cohort begins on July 9, 2024.
  • Group Size: 4-6 participants per cohort.
  • Age Grouping: Participants will be placed in age-appropriate groups with peers within a 2-year age span.
  • Transportation and Food: Provided for all participants.
  • Substance Use Policy: To ensure a positive group experience, participants must refrain from substance use before and during sessions.

How it Works

For a cohort to commence, there must be at least 4 registered participants. We aim to run 4 cohorts throughout the summer, each lasting two weeks.

How to Apply: Please complete this referral form: Bridges Referral Form and fax to 250-754-1605

The referral form will help NARSF staff place youth in suitable groups based on their interests, strengths, substance use involvement, risk factors, physical limitations, goals, and existing support systems.

For more information please call: 250-714-3412 or email Avery at