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Everyone has a status, do you know yours?

STOP HIV-Prevent, Test, Treat!

NARSF Programs through Island Health Funding is able to offer free, confidential HIV testing.


With new treatment options, BC is moving towards an AIDS free generation. Finding people who are unaware of their HIV status is a cornerstone for preventing HIV infection in others.

Testing identifies those who could initiate HIV drug treatment and links those who are not well connected to the health system with services. Evidence shows that individuals who are aware of their HIV status are more likely to alter their behavior to decrease the risk of transmitting the virus. Though some people may feel that pretending the virus does not exist or ignoring their personal risk factors is the most comfortable way to approach the issue, many others have found that simply by being tested, great peace of mind can be achieved. The future is yours!


Our Health Matters Clinic is open Monday to Friday.


We are located at #103 – 1450 Waddington Road, Nanaimo, BC V9S 4V9
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Once a draw of your blood has been made, your sample will be sent away to a laboratory for confirmation. Usually blood results are returned within 5-7 days, at which point, a second appointment will be made to get your test results.

Knowing your HIV status is a game changer. New drugs effectively treat HIV like never before.

Live Life Well!

Test, Treat, Prevent.