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Dignity and Respect Program (DRP)

The Dignity and Respect Program, in partnership with the Ministry for Children and Family Development (MCFD) delivers support and safety accountability planning for persons referred by MCFD.  DRP is part of a safer family and community response to abuse in relationships.

DRP uses the “Invitation to Responsibility” (Jenkins, 1990) for its approach to dealing with domestic abuse. The program considers the importance of framing the problem and its resolutions in ways that identify a person’s agency and pre-existing capacity to act respectfully and resolve interpersonal conflict, and to access skills and abilities that promote positive relationships.

The program emphasizes support for the movement from understanding to choice and action and that action should directly contribute to the quality of life for children and families. A foundation of the program is to support every person to have safe and meaningful relationships and that the people who participate in DRP can benefit from and be happier in safer relationships. The program takes the position that all people have the ability to control and take responsibility for their abusive acts.

In broad terms, the goal of the DRP is to provide a response (quick access to intake following presenting crisis) for referred people following a domestic abuse incident. In the Dignity and Respect Program (DRP) you will build skills to promote safety and create positive changes in relationships with your partner, co-parent, and/or family members.

The DRP program takes 3-4 months to complete and includes individual counselling and 9 weekly group sessions. We will help you review what you’ve learned, what you’ve tried, and your action plan for the future.

Program Features

  • DRP is staffed 40 hours a week by two therapists who provide intake, support and planning for safety and accountability,
  • DRP is only available to those who accept a Social Worker’s advice to call the Intake Line: 250-591-2772, which is accessible 24 hours a day. Phone calls will be returned within two business days,
  • Arrangements for an intake meeting will be made and at that meeting, staff will confirm the persons’ agreement to participate by explaining the program parameters, reviewing the confidentiality agreement and confirming participation and referral to the MCR group.

Our Staff

Staff members are professionally trained therapists with graduate degrees in social work and counselling psychology. Clinicians participate in regular supervision.

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