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Orientation at NARSF

What to Expect – An Orientation to NARSF Programs

Everyone who is admitted into one of our programs will receive an orientation. You will receive information about:

  • How the specific program might be of benefit to you;
  • A copy of the program rules and an explanation of your rights and responsibilities;
  • Emergency information about our premise (where emergency exits, fire extinguishers and first aid kits are located), and what to do in case of an emergency;
  • Information on how your service plan will be developed (with you of course) and what happens when you are close to finishing your program;
  • Procedures to follow if you are unhappy about the service and/or decisions made;
  • How input on programs and services will be solicited;
  • NARSF’s services and activities, expectations, hours of operation, access to the facility and after hours supports, codes of ethics, confidentiality policy and requirements for follow-up regardless of outcome in the program;
  • Our policy regarding tobacco products, non-violent intervention practices and when legal, illegal drugs and/or weapons are brought into the program;
  • Rules that identify any restrictions or actions that might lead to a loss of a right or a privilege and the means by which you may regain those rights if they have been restricted.
If you are unclear about any information provided during orientation or have additional questions, please be sure to speak to the person responsible for coordinating your service.